$ 850.00

Smallest, Lightest PMU Pen

Pinpoint Precision Engineering

Compatible with most cartridge needle brands

Fixed 2.5 & 3.5 stroke

Namiki motor with custom winding made specifically for softer skin associated with PMU & SMP

Precision vertical movement

1 year warranty

PMU specific design

Recommended voltage between 6-8V

Needle depth adjustment: 0-5mm


24mm x 95mm (3.7")

So if you want to make the jump from microblading to more permanent makeup, I definitely recommend using the Bishop Permanent Makeup Pen.

My name is Jesse. I own Eleven 11 Beauty, which is in Orange County, California. With the Bishop PMU pen, it helped to enhance my confidence in my technique. It's easy to keep a really nice crisp line. And it's less damaging on the skin than microblading is. So with the faster healing result for your client, it's less painful, and it just looks a lot cleaner once you master that technique.

It's way easier to use than like so many other machines that I tried. And I like the whole battery pack on the back. So I don't have like a cord. I'm not trying to pivot around my client.

It's a complete game changer. I'm excited for everybody who gets their hands on it and really like elevate their skills to the next level.

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