INTENZE Lemon Yellow Tattoo Ink

$ 12.00

Product Description


Intenze Tattoo Ink Lemon Yellow is a premium-quality tattoo perfect for creating vibrant, bold yellow tattoos. This vegan-friendly ink is made from all-natural ingredients, ensuring it is safe and gentle on the skin.

Intenze Tattoo Ink Lemon Yellow is also cruelty-free. It has not been tested on animals, making it an excellent choice for ethical tattoo artists and clients who value animal welfare.
This ink is known for its bright and long-lasting color, ensuring that your yellow tattoos look stunning for years. It is compatible with most tattoo machines and needles, making it easy to work with and perfect for beginner and experienced tattoo artists.

Additionally, this tattoo ink is perfect for mixing with other colors, allowing you to create customized shades and blends. Whether you're looking to create bright sunflowers or intricate designs, Intenze Tattoo Ink Lemon Yellow is an excellent choice.

This yellow tattoo ink is excellent for highlighting around purple or mixing incredible shades of greens. Intenze yellow is easy to work into the skin and heals super bright.


All our pigments are proudly made in the USA in an ISO 9001/2005 and ISO 22716 Facility, ensuring the highest quality standards. We are proud to say that our pigments are vegan

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