BISHOP DA VINCI V2 - Liners / Bugpin

$ 30.00

Introducing our All New DA VINCI V2 Needle Cartridges.

Designed by Carlos Torres and Franco Vescovi (over 50 combined years of industry experience).

These high precision needle cartridges are the first to be designed by tattoo artists. Needles on other websites may look impressive because of custom colors and packaging, but they are all the same. We take pride in having an artist-owned company. From one tattoo artist to another.

Utilizing Bishop’s well-earned reputation in the supply chain, we were able to locate and create a partnership with the most highly-regarded factory overseas to create our needles. *We assure you that there isn’t a better quality needle available anywhere in the industry.* We’re not saying we’re the best, but nothing better exists.

Thank you,

Franco Vescovi (Founder, BISHOP Tattoo Supply)

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