Bishop B-Charged Wireless Power Supply

$ 200.00

B-Charged is more than a battery pack — it’s a wireless power supply designed to give you the ultimate freedom in tattooing. 💪


You’ll have the power to tattoo wirelessly longer than ever before. ⚡️ B-Charged lasts up to 12+ hours, depending on your voltage use and machine’s motor.

You’ll have the power to precisely control your voltage to the first decimal, just like a standard wired power supply.

With our Jump Start feature, you’ll have the power to defeat the stiffest of cartridge needle membranes.

Out of energy? Get back to full charge in just 1.5 hours of charge time! 🔋

Plus — the portability, beauty, and simplicity of B-Charged will energize you to conquer your tattoos.

Be free. B-Charged.

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