MUSOTOKU Tattoo Power Supply (Tactical Green)

$ 400.00

MUSOTOKU Power Supply is one of the most powerful power stations you can get at this very small size. It delivers 5 Amps of power which will make your machines run smoothly, but solid and consisten.

Build in aluminium for the best durability and weight balance. It will run worldwide no matter if you are using 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz. Its design ensures that your voltage is always stable even with the annoying fluctuations of power that plagues the conventions.

  • 5 Amps Consistent Power
  • 2 - 16V in 0.1V Steps
  • Works with Coil and Rotary machines
  • x3 types of Pedal: Standard, Continuous Mode (Free-Foot), one-touch pedal
  • NITRO Boost for fast Startup Mode
  • 4 Memory Presets
  • Auto Power-off

You have a variety of options to choose from in the menu over this text, you can choose between the power supply alone or with two different stands; you can even pick both! 

Also we offer you in that same menu the option of customizing your MUSOTOKU, you can ask for a short phrase to be laser engraved on your new power supply, just choose the option and send us what you want to have laser engraved in the comments for your order!


  • MUSOTOKU Power Supply 5 Amps
  • Hard case
  • Power adapter worldwide compatible input
  • Basic Support (GoPro sticker based)




NITRO is an extra injection of power to your machine during 0.5 seconds after pushing the foot switch. This pulse will make your machine to start up always, no matter if speed is very low or ink is too sticky. No need to prod the spring-clip with your finger anymore, or increasing the speed of your rotary to make it works. Using NITRO is better for the health or your rotary and coil machines: no stall, less heat and full control



x4 Setup Memories for your machine. Do everything with a single pushbutton, no complications.
Readjust on the go, and it will be automatically recorded for you. Simple


The unbeatable touch of analog dial, but with the accuracy of digital control.
We love it because the dial spin is endless and gives you 0.1V for each rotation click



Forget about heat in your Machine, and stay  always cool.
Keep your machine at a consistent speed.

Stable under any load condition with no speed fluctuations thanks to the 5A capability


Technical Specifications

+ Output Current 5A (10A peak)
+ Output Voltage 2 to 16V

+ Digitally Adjustable in 0.1V Steps
+ Adjusting dial with infinite turns
+ 4 auto-record Memories (Non-Volatile)
+ NITRO Startup Pulse Configurable

+ Overcurrent Protection (3 types)
+ Pedal Push detection (LED)
+ Standard Foot-Switch Input 1/4″ Jack
+ Standard Clipcord Input 1/4″ Jack
+ Input 19V (Universal wall adapter)
+ Dimensions 116×72 mm
+ Weight 169 gr
+ Material: Aircraft grade Aluminum

Download MUSOTOKU Manual

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